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Meet Your Councillors

Dr Roger Waterfall Chair of the Council, also responsible for Planning. 01728 747038 rwaterfall39@gmail.com
Mr Richard Cooper Vice Chair, also responsible for Sizewell matters.


Lord Marlesford Councillor, keeping contact with Central Government and Parliament.  01728 746993. MARLESFORD@parliament.uk
Mrs Di Howard Councillor, responsible for transport, roads other than A12 and road maintenance 07513 476211. castlehowards@gmail.com
Mrs Heather McConville Councillor, responsible for Finance   HeatherMcConville@hotmail.com
Ms Lesley Bensley Councillor, responsible for Local Government matters. 07901 882464. lesleybensley@gmail.com
Mr Sam Catling Councillor, responsible for footpaths, litter and fly tipping.   samuel.catling@talktalk.net
Ms Melanie Thurston

Clerk to the Parish Council and Responsible Financial Officer.


Councillors' Register of Interests